The last match of the third day is between Wendy and Sherria Blendy

The last match of the third day is between Wendy and Sherria Blendy

Before the match, Gray talks briefly with Lyon. When Lyon tells him that he will witness Sherria’s true strength, Gray replies that he shouldn’t take Wendy lightly. [272] During the match, when Sherria still stands after a direct hit from Wendy’s Shattering Light: Sky Drill technique, Gray is amazed that Lyon had such a powerful girl in his team. [273] As Wendy and Sherria’s match continues, Gray is shocked at Wendy’s determination to keep fighting. [274] When the two girls fight ends in a draw, Gray is visibly pleased. [275] After the third day’s events and battles, the Fairy Tail Mages celebrate their victories by throwing a party and having fun. [276] [277]

However, just as he refuses to go, Lyon appears and scoops Juvia off her feet, offering to take her instead, with Gray baffled at where Lyon suddenly appeared from

Whilst they are celebrating in the bar, Gray and Natsu overhear Levy talking to Erza, Lucy and Wendy about Ryuzetsu Land, a popular leisure center in Crocus. Claiming that is the perfect place to be on a hot night, Gray and the rest of the guild go to have some fun. [278] Whilst he is looking around, Gray is approached by Juvia, who asks him to go on the “Love Slide” together, though Gray refuses after hearing that the point of the slide is that two people go down hugging. [279] After the two glare each other down, Juvia once again asks Gray to slide with her, much to his annoyance. [280] However, the three end up making their way to the top of the slide, only to be interrupted when Natsu flies towards them after being flung into the air by Ichiya. Though Lyon and Gray attempt to get out of the way, they are hit by the fire Mage and end up riding the slide together. Natsu, having landed and recovered, proceeds to melt their ice by using his fire, however he puts in far too much force and blows the building to pieces. As the people in the center are flung all over the place, Gray and Lyon land together in the rubble, frozen in a hunk of ice and still hugging. [281]

As they begin to reach the bottom, both release their Magic to try and freeze each other, though all they manage to do is freeze the water in all the surrounding pools

On the fourth day of the Games, Gray watches as Lucy competes for their team in the Naval Battle event, knowing that the water field will allow her to use Aquarius. [282] As Juvia unleashes her new technique, dedicated to her “love” for Gray, he shows his surprise towards her, much to her disappointment. [283] When only Lucy and Minerva of Team Sabertooth are left, Gray expresses his curiosity towards Minerva’s Magic [284] and reacts furiously when she brutalizes Lucy. [285]

Gray and Natsu run over Lucy when she is tossed out by Minerva. He asks Lucy if she is okay. Team Sabertooth, with an exception of Rogue, stand in front of Minerva, confronting him, Erza and Natsu. Gray, along with Natsu, wants to attack them but is stopped by Erza. After Erza threatens Sabertooth, Gray, with the rest of the members of Team Fairy Tail A and B are in the infirmary with Lucy. When Lucy asks forgiveness for losing, Gray and Erza try to comfort her. Makarov arrives and announces that the administrators have told them to join both Teams together, to which Gray asks the 5 new people will only have to do a tag battle. Gray along with Natsu, Gajeel, Erza, and Laxus, becomes a part of the new reorganized team. Out in the battlefield, Gray glares at Rufus. [286]

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