I came across specific Kassowski/ Kossowsky of dolhi Sailing away from Rotterdam Get 29, 1906; 0016

I came across specific Kassowski/ Kossowsky of dolhi Sailing away from Rotterdam Get 29, 1906; 0016

Kassowski, Elke F 27y M Russia, Hebrew Dolginow 0017. Kassowski, Sonie F 1y S Russia, Hebrew Dolginow Reveal to have Potsdam Cruising away from Rotterdam August 01, 1905 0015. Kasowski, Simple F 24y M Russia, Hebrew Dolginoh 0016. Kasowski, Gittel F 3y S Russia, Hebrew Dolginoh Reveal to have Rotterdam Sailing away from Rotterdam August 05, 1912 0029. Kassowsky, Aron M 35y M Russia, Hebrew Dalginew, Russia Manifest getting Vaderland August 21, 1906 . Kassowski, Beil Yards 20y S Russia, Hebrew Dolguioff (Dolginov), Russia Cruising regarding Antwerp Reveal to possess Statendam Cruising from Rotterdam September 17, 1900 . Kassowsky, Chane F 55y W Russia Dolginas Reveal to possess Amsterdam Cruising off Rotterdam July sixteen, 1903 0021.

I happened to be able to get postings to possess my father (Ber Benenson) and you can greatmother (Riwke Benennson, dad Efraim Benenson, aunt and you will cousin on the Ellis Isle databases.

Alejanka Kosowski Fzby, Austria 1913 twenty five seven

——————— MODERATOR Note: Have you looked the brand new JewishGen ShtetlSeeker? Around you might him or her and now have select the distances off Dohinova! Ekaterinoslav is in the Ukraine – there can be an enthusiastic Eketerinoslav City Studies Category therefore the Ukraine SIG. ——————- . –

Kassowsky, Kalman Yards 24y S Russia, Hebrew Dalhinsw (Dolhinov) 0022

I am currently overseeing the restoration of the Jewish Cemetery in Dolhinov. Soon it will be fenced in by the money donated by “Survivors , and/or their children of the Holocoast”. Simon Chevlin <> N.M.B, FL USA –

1. Berko Grosbein Doliginowv, Russia 1912 9 97% dos. Chaike Grosbein Doliginowv, Russia 1912 14 97% step 3. Cipe Lece Grosbein Doliginowv, Russia 1912 0 97% cuatro. Eska Grosbein Russia, Dalhiuow 1911 16 97% 5. Israel Leizer Grosbein Doliginowv, Russia 1912 11 97% 6. Jankel Grosbein Borisow 1902 forty two 97% 7. Jossif Grosbein Doliginowv, Russia 1912 3 97% 8. Jude Grosbein Dolhniow free Foot Fetish singles dating site, Russia 1910 38 97% 9. Rischke Grosbein Wileike, Russia 1910 18 97% ten. Roche Rasche Grosbein Doliginowv, Russia 1912 39 97% 11. Shlome Grosbein Borisow 1902 17 97% 12. Simen Grosbein Dalginof, Russia 1912 20 97% 13. Jacob Grospain Garwohn 1899 29 97% Manifest getting Lusitania Sailing regarding Liverpool Could possibly get 03, 1912 Reveal to possess Lusitania Sailing out of Liverpool 0006. Grosbein, Roche Rasche F 39y Meters Russia, Hebrew Doliginowv, Russia browsing partner, Grosbein, 67 York St. The Retreat. 0007. Grosbein, Chaike F 14y S Russia, Hebrew Doliginowv, Russia 0008. Grosbein, Israel Leizer Meters 11y S Russia, Hebrew Doliginowv, Russia 0009. Grosbein, Berko Meters 9y S Russia, Hebrew Doliginowv, Russia 0010. Grosbein, Jossif Meters 3y S Russia, Hebrew Doliginowv, Russia 0011. Grosbein, Cipe Lece F 11m S Russia, Hebrew Doliginowv, Russia Reveal getting Lapland Cruising off Antwerp August 08, 1910 0014. Friedman, Paic F 18y S Russia, Hebrew Dolhniow, Russia 0015. Grosbein, Jude Meters 38y Yards Russia, Hebrew Dolhniow, Russia 0016. Grosbein, Rischke F 18y S Russia, Hebrew Wileike, Russia Reveal to possess Finland Sailing off Antwerp December 01, 1911 . Grosbein, Eska F 16y 6m S Russia, Hebrew Russia, Dalhiuow 1. Schloime Grosbin Minsk 1904 fifteen . Grosbein, Eska F 16y 6m S Russia, Hebrew Russia, Dalhiuow Henry Grospin 1923 97% 2. Fernande Gresbbin Paris, France 1916 31

You likely will get a hold of additional some one >> 1. Abram Kosowski Luki, Russia 1909 30 step three. Abram Kosowski Minsk, Russia 1911 17 cuatro. A beneficial. F. Kosowski 1921 5. Agnes Kosowski Recklinghausen, Germany 1911 0 6. Aleksander Kosowski 1902 forty two 8. Alexandra Kosowski Komasowka 1899 18 9. Anna Kosowski Komasowka 1899 dos 10. Anna Kosowski Wien, Austria 1912 39 eleven. Anton Kosowski Jarnowacz 1902 thirty two a dozen. Anton Kosowski Recklinghausen, Germany 1911 31 thirteen. Antoni Kosowski Myslowitz 1903 31 14. Antoni Kosowski Jaknbowo, Russia 1910 29 fifteen. Anyoni Kosowski Jarczewo, Russia 1910 20 16. Aron Kosowski Grodno 1903 34 17. Auguste Kosowski Recklinghausen, Germany 1911 33 18. Benjamin Kosowski Biaystok, Russia 1911 19 19. Berko Kosowski Slonin, Russia 1910 twenty-seven 20.

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